You know what’s pretty cool? People send me photos of crosses and say they thought of me. Me. Me. I can’t think of a better compliment. Thinking of me, but seeing Him.

From a little girl (me left, sister right) who liked to make mud pies, played tennis in high school – learned and practiced with her dad, a farm girl at heart, who at age 17 hid from an auto-immune disease of ulcerative colitis (UC) and didn’t tell her parents for over a year, who struggled with UC for twenty years until finding her own natural path, who grew up in the church but didn’t have church in her (self-developed faith) until age 40, divorced at age 29, a twenty+ year career in Human Resources with senior level management positions, who used to define herself as a road cyclist, but…

Who started reading the Bible on January 22, 2016 and on that day was compelled to take photos of crosses. It started with formed crosses, and then transformed into seeing everyday symbols of faith and the awareness of art in our everyday surroundings. It’s pretty amazing what faith can do.

Starting by wanting to help a little girl I met in Cuba in 2015, my mission unfolded: To help people discover faith (like I did), to deepen, encourage and uplift faith. My original photography, blog, gifts, and speaking are all designed to encourage others to seek and see faith in everyday life.

This photo here, taken in the small rural Missouri city where born, I remember making mud pies in the back.

You never know what God can place in your heart. And where you can be led with an open heart. 

BREATHE in faith!

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