About the Photos

Through a lens of faith, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Amy Bretall turns the focus on faith.

Opening eyes to the surrounding presence of faith.

I find beauty in what’s often overlooked. Small and seemingly simple objects catch my eye and bring pause. I’m drawn to overlooked, under-appreciated, and the sometimes forgotten objects capturing a transformed beauty. From an artistic perspective, my objective is for people to find meaning in everyday surroundings and to provide a spiritual connection to our environment, reminding us of a higher power, specifically God. 

Catching my eye are contrasts of light, angles of light, shadows, patterns, and simplicity. My inspiration comes from nature and in the ordinary of everyday. As the editor of Missouri Life stated: “Amy finds holy in the mundane.” My photos align to my life motto: the little things in life are big.

I’m not trained in photography and haven’t taken any classes on it. Nature inspires me. This influence stems from the summers spent on my grandparent’s farm. I am a farm girl at heart. I see God in the details of life. Again, the little things in life are big. 

Through a lens of faith, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


My photography has been recognized and featured at a variety of events: Selected for a solo exhibition in the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District First Fridays; chosen as an ArtsKC Regional Arts Council Now Showing program artist and featured in a statewide publication, Missouri Life Magazine. See Media page for more.

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