AMY’S faith
I find beauty in the often overlooked and forgotten. Small and seemingly simple objects catch my eye and bring pause. I’m drawn to contrasts of light and dark, angles of light, shadows, patterns, and simplicity. My inspiration comes from nature.

At the center of my faith photography are symbols, specifically the Cross, to encourage others to see faith in the everyday.

My Photography story
It’s satisfying to share faith outside of traditional environments.
I’m drawn to overlooked, underappreciated, unformed, and the sometimes forgotten objects that captures a transformed beauty. From an artistic perspective, my objective is for people to find meaning in everyday objects and surroundings and to provide a spiritual connection to the environment reminding us of higher power, specifically God.

I’m inspired by my surroundings and walking outdoors. This influence stems from the summers spent on my grandparent’s farm.

Nature provides my inspiration and from the photos I write about what I see, an interpreted message, in the captured image.

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My photography has been recognized and featured at a variety of events: Selected for a solo exhibition in the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District First Fridays; chosen as an ArtsKC Regional Arts Council Now Showing program artist and featured in a statewide publication, Missouri Life Magazine. See Media page.


I got started in photography in 2015 and was compelled to do something with my photos after I met a young girl in Cuba. It started there and kept growing as I took steps of faith and followed what God placed before me.  What starts small can grow when you follow faith. More here.


Photos from my grandparents’ farm, where my connection to nature was planted. Visiting my grandmother before she sold the farm, I took photos to remember the beauty. This is where I found my first everyday cross. I took a photo of it before I even realized it. That’s often how God works.

Everyday Crosses

Taking steps of faith I began to see images of “everyday” crosses. These formed in the unformed symbols of faith, everyday crosses, were my spiritual nudge to keep going. I write what I see as the spiritual message in the photo and turned them into photo devotional books. View Books Here.
INSPIRING Photography
Unique. Powerful. Beautiful.
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