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Finding Faith

Amy Bretall is a Christian author and keynote speaker who changes how people see and experience faith in everyday life.

Keynote: Unlock the Power of Finding Faith in The Everyday

Amy Bretall redefines ‘walking by faith, not by sight’ by revealing how God places signs in plain sight. Through a visual journey, she challenges traditional perspectives and shares an unconventional path to finding extraordinary faith in ordinary days. Starting with a simple idea and a few photos of crosses, she inspires others to believe in signs of faith and take bold steps towards deepening a personal faith relationship.

Through “Stories Behind” her Everyday Cross photography, Amy shares her insights, experience, and approach, guiding audiences to recognize the surrounding signs and achieve a closer connection with God, leaving a lasting message. Amy’s high-energy keynote will transform views on faith and reshape how audiences experience faith.

Program Highlights:

  • How to discover faith in ordinary moments to provide reassurance and connection to the surrounding presence of God.
  • How to develop a deeper personal faith relationship to recognize spiritual nudges and understand God’s forms of communication.
  • How to breakthrough doubt, gain confidence and resilience, to step out on faith.
Amy customizes her keynote to align with your focus, industry, or theme of your event. 80% of her content is standard, after which Amy integrates seamlessly, ensuring alignment of messaging.
“Amy has a gift for holding everyone’s attention. Attendees shared they could have listened to her for another hour.”
– Carol P., organizer, annual women’s event


Amy Speaks To:

  • Faith-based businesses & organizations
  • Christian Conferences and events 
  • Healthcare associations and Hospitals — the spiritual side of mind/body/spirit for wellbeing, faith as a component of health, personal worship/faith as a social determinant of health. 
  • Business association & community groups looking for inspiration
  • Women’s groups, events and conferences
  • Christian schools and universities
  • Leadership teams looking to “think outside the box” of traditional approaches. Amy’s work is an unconventional way to see and experience faith, outside the normal bounds faith within a church building.
  • Churches and church groups 

Speaking Testimonials

Inspiring to all

“We were so happy Amy spoke at our luncheon. Sharing her faith journey and how she was prompted by God to publish two books was inspiring to all. Several guests shared that they could have listened to her story for another hour. Amy has a gift for holding everyone’s attention.

– Carol P., organizer, annual women’s event, UMW

Authentic and Open

“Amy’s authentic and open message of life challenges and developed faith relationship connects with people and is very inspiring.”

Audience member, Beggar’s Table

Inspirational Message

“In this materialistic, cynical world, Amy’s inspirational message is that it doesn’t have to be that way. We can choose to step off the well-worn road and find the path God wants us to walk, pursue the passions that make us joyful, and live a meaningful life of purpose and love. She encouraged us to notice our own faith patterns.”

– Shirley G., organizer, Pathways church, women’s group

Gifted Speaker

“Amy spoke so naturally and connected wonderfully with the audience. She shared a brief history of her journey and then shared how God has walked with her through each step of writing her two books. Our group was so intrigued that we were on the edge of our seats and could have listened longer. Amy is a gifted writer and speaker.

Martha R, audience, women’s event


“I’ve followed Amy on social media and have been impressed with her pictures and words and was so glad to hear her speak at our women’s group. We were inspired from Amy’s story, photos, and how to continually grow closer to Christ in our daily walk.”

Karla W., Organizer, Orrick Christian Church, women’s group event

Encourages audience

“I had the privilege of hearing Amy Bretall speak about her mission to spread a passion for the cross as a touchstone of faith. Her open and honest demeanor is authentic and encourages the audience to have a real dialogue.”

– Molly B, audience member

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