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In Plain Sight: Volume II – Finding Extraordinary Faith in Ordinary Days

Amy Bretall’s third book in her series of photo devotionals is an experience—savor and soak in the surrounding goodness of God. In a world that can often seem hopeless and where we experience uncertainty every day, In Plain Sight Volume II delivers the message we are not alone, God is all around us. We have certainty in faith. Featuring stunning full-color photography with 40 devotions and 45 everyday cross images to inspire, deepen and renew your faith! God uses the ordinary to open our eyes to the extraordinary!

Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds
Amy Bretall’s second photo-based devotional book once again helps people find faith in the everyday with the connecting theme of clouds and crosses. Inspiration and awe with 40 photos paired with meaningful devotions to help you grow closer to God. Learn the spiritual significance of clouds, read cloud verses (over 80 in table format). Read about the tests of faith and apply them to your life. 
In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday
Amy Bretall turns the focus on finding faith in the everyday with her unique photography and meaningful messages. Discover the power for yourself! Amy’s first photo-based devotional book includes over 50 unique everyday cross images paired with her writing to inspire faith and bring hope. Amy writes what she interprets in her photo (the spiritual message) and her insights of taking steps of faith, aligning with Biblical principles.
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Why Are Coffee Table Books a Thing?
“Perhaps part of the reason why coffee table books continue to appeal to us is that their contents often awaken the emotion of awe. They’re often full of stunning and impressive imagery, so it’s no mystery why awe feels good to us. There are all sorts of positive social repercussions from feeling awe, like having positive feelings toward others, inspiring curiosity, improving our cognitive performance, or encouraging a more creative solution.”

– Architecture Digest

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