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In Plain Sight: Volume II – Finding Extraordinary Faith in Ordinary Days

Do you notice what’s on your path? Open your eyes to the surrounding presence of faith. Amy Bretall’s third book in her series of photo devotionals is an experience—savor and soak in the surrounding goodness of God’s signs and nuggets. An accomplished photographer, Amy has a unique ability to transform unassuming objects into beauty, evoke feeling, and turn mundane moments into spiritual experiences— in photo and word. Through a lens of faith the ordinary and often overlooked become extraordinary. In Plain Sight Volume II features stunning full-color photography with 40 devotions and 45 everyday cross images to inspire, deepen and renew your faith! *This book is sold exclusively at

Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds

Keep looking up! Amy Bretall’s second photo-based devotional book once again helps people find faith in the everyday with the connecting theme of clouds and crosses. Inspiration and awe with 40 photos paired with meaningful devotions to help you grow closer to God. Learn the spiritual significance of clouds, read cloud verses (over 80 in table format). Read about the tests of faith and apply them to your life. 

In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday

Amy Bretall turns the focus on finding faith in the everyday with her unique photography and meaningful messages. Discover the power for yourself! Amy’s first photo-based devotional book includes over 50 unique everyday cross images paired with her writing to inspire faith and bring hope. Amy writes what she interprets in her photo (the spiritual message) and her insights of taking steps of faith, aligning with Biblical principles.

Beautiful and Meaningful

“I bought this book as a gift for my mother and I wanted to keep it for myself. The pictures and the text are beautiful, meaningful and powerful. It is a wonderful book to use with meditation. Plus it has encouraged me to be more aware of God in the every day.” – Beth G. (In Plain Sight)

Speaks to your soul in a deep and uplifting way!

“This book is a true treasure. It spoke to me so much that I bought a 2nd copy to gift to a friend! The imagery and stories for each one are so inspirational, and the way she brings it around to everyday behaviors is truly enlightening. This book is wonderfully written, easy to read and understand, and spiritually uplifting. Buy one for yourself and one for anyone you know that can use a little sunshine in their lives!” – Sundi S. (In Plain Sight)

Abundance of Meaning

“Crosses and Clouds, Amy’s second book, focuses on the beautiful and inspirational meaning of crosses, yet paired with the wonder of clouds and God’s awesomeness in the world makes this a marvelous addition to what I hope will be a series with books more to come! Her eye for sharing God’s presence in the world though everyday crosses and capturing the magnificence of the variety of clouds makes this book a treasure. The photos are amazing and the prose and scripture bring deeper meaning to every page.” – Trina T. (Sights of Faith)

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Wonderful and Inspiring Book!

“This is a great book with very uplifting messages. It is an easy read, and puts everything in perspective. The pictures and messages beautifully compliment each other. Now, I see crosses everywhere, and it really helps me to reflect on God’s wonderful gift to us. It is perfect for the coffee table, sparking good conversations. I recommend this book for your own use and as a gift.” – Darren S. (In Plain Sight)

Beautiful Book!

“I originally purchased this book as a gift. When it arrived, I fell in love with the photos and with Amy’s words. The book is now a welcome addition to my bookshelf where I open it regularly when I need to find space for calm or inspiration in my day.” – Heather Z. (Sights of Faith)

Hard to Put Down

“I gave this book as a gift to a business partner that is also a pastor. When I asked him later what he thought of the book and its message, he replied that he had to physically get up and place the book across the room if he wanted to get any work done. It was just that hard to put down! An inspiring message of how we shouldn’t overlook the gifts around us.” – Brian Z. (In Plain Sight)

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