Three takeaways I’ve learned about having faith to start. For me, it was to do “something” with a few of my cross photos.

1) Progress is a stacking process. If I didn’t take the initial steps to do something with a few photos (taken with my iPhone), I never would have had my artwork featured at solo gallery shows, nor created and published the first book, then the second and you know where I’m going here, the third book. Nor would I have the opportunity to speak to others about finding, developing, and stepping out in faith. I’m also confident that if I didn’t start with those initial steps of 1, 2, 3, I would never had seen all of the everyday cross photos, which are the core of my work.

2) In life and business, don’t overcomplicate taking action by thinking you need to have it all planned and figured out first. Don’t waste time thinking you need “this” or “that” before you start. Don’t make a list of things you need (or others say you need), before you can start. For example: Equipment. People said I should get a professional camera. I didn’t. I use my iPhone, still today. People said I should take photography classes; I haven’t. That long list of “what you think you need” is a mental barrier. Start where you are. Use your gifts. Use what you have.

3) What we do need is faith. The parable of the mustard seed, the smallest seed of all, is it grows. It requires tending, sowing, pruning, caring—aka work. Gifts don’t become fruitful without action and believing in where God is leading. My faith grows and deepens most when I take steps of faith. Sometimes bold steps. “Who do you think you are Amy?” That’s what the Enemy will place in your head. “Like anyone is going to buy your book, Amy, come on really?” The Devil plants seeds too. Seeds of doubt and distraction. It’s one of my favorite topics to speak about and share what I’ve learned because doubt is so sneaky and it’s not just your own that you will have to overcome. The small voice within us is the Holy Spirit speaking. Listen to it. Take action on it. Let faith be your guide. What are you going to start (or finish) this year? Step out (in faith), in order to find out.

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