In Plain Sight: Volume II – Finding Extraordinary Faith in Ordinary Days


Receive a signed copy with orders! In a world that can often seem hopeless and where we experience negativity and uncertainty every day, In Plain Sight Volume II delivers the message we are not alone, God is all around us. Beautiful, meaningful and inspiring color photography of everyday crosses paired with positive messages of faith to keep your eyes focused on what matters most in life. With insightful commentary and stunning images, this book will inspire you to take steps of faith, act on your idea, follow your call, and deepen your faith. This book will help you find faith in your everyday.

An accomplished photographer, Amy Bretall has a unique ability to transform unassuming objects into beauty, evoke feeling, and turn mundane moments into spiritual experiences. Through a lens of faith the ordinary and often overlooked become extraordinary. 

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In Volume II of In Plain Sight, Amy Bretall once again shifts our eyes to a perspective of faith with a collection of photographs showcasing everyday crosses. Amy shares how God works in nuggets, nudges and small signs in visual representation of God showing up in our everyday life. Accompanying these captivating images are her uplifting and encouraging words of faith. While some of the photos (25) were captured by Amy herself, 20 photos were contributed by individuals who, inspired by her previous work, started recognizing and photographing the crosses they encountered. We help one another connect within a community of faith.

Amy Bretall refers to them as everyday crosses. They are twigs on a sidewalk, contrails in the sky, shadows on a kitchen table, sunlight on a window frame, and lines on a parking lot. These everyday crosses serve as signs that connect us to a living God, reminding us that God is omnipresent. By seeking Him, we can find Him in the ordinary aspects of life. God uses the ordinary to open our eyes to the extraordinary. Every time we notice a cross, God is inviting us into a deeper relationship with him, a deeper faith.

In this book, readers will find:

  • Faith inspiration! Certainty of faith in visual representation to help discover the surrounding presence of God.
  • Meaningful gift to inspire faith, bring hope and open eyes.
  • Faith unfolding with the turn of every page with 45 unique everyday cross images laid out in beautiful design.
  • 40 beautiful everyday cross photos paired with thoughtful devotions and scripture.
  • Connection and community of faith with 20 of the photos contributed by individuals who started recognizing and taking photos the crosses they encountered.
  • Full-color images bringing faith, grace and Jesus front and center.
  • Inspiration to take steps of faith, act on your idea, follow your call, and stay on your path.
  • See everyday crosses in your own surroundings.
  • Connect closer to God with insightful writing and words of devotion. 
  • Inspire everyone in your life with this Christian gift! In Plain Sight Volume II is a meaningful, beautiful gift for anyone looking to deepen their faith, for inspiration, loved ones who need renewed hope after loss or illness, those who like to be reminded of their faith and to grow in their faith.
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  • 8 in. x 10 in.
  • 104 numbered pages
  • Full color interior printed pages
  • Thicker paper, 70#
  • Softcover
  • Publication Date: October 24, 2023

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4 reviews for In Plain Sight: Volume II - Finding Extraordinary Faith in Ordinary Days

  1. David H

    I love Amy’s work. Her insight, attention to detail and ability to capture everyday crosses in a unique and artistic way is inspiring. By coupling her images with relevant scripture, she provides context, meaning and relevance. I thoroughly enjoy how she and the other contributors find beauty in what my be considered a mundane object or environment.

  2. Christina Jolly

    I highly recommend, In Plain Sight-Volume II. Amy has such a way of capturing a photo and then reminding you of the simplicity of the beauty that we often overlook. This is a great book to reignite your faith and hope in the moments of your everyday life. This book also makes a great gift for someone who may need to be reminded that their faith will see them through their struggles. Beautiful work Amy!

  3. Kristi Z

    I highly recommend “In Plain Sight II” ! The images together with Amy’s words are so beautiful and take you on a journey of self-discovery as it unravels the profound symbolism of crosses found hidden in the tapestry of everyday life.

  4. Cliff Rawley

    The photos in this volume are unique and eye catching. The commentary on each photo is worthy of reflection. I experience reading it as a spiritual tonic to increase my awareness to perceive unexpected crosses which remind me of the sacrifice of Jesus for our salvation. I recommend this volume for its beauty and spiritual wisdom.

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