The road ahead. It’s not always the easy path. But in life, for your ONLY life, why not take the chance? It takes persistence and a steadfast focus to listen to the beat in your heart. And to then follow that beat!

And it most definitely takes faith. It’s your vision, it’s your gift, it’s for YOU to DO. Sure, you could stay in your comfort zone but, that inner voice will call again. Don’t silence it. BREATHE in FaithStep up into Faith! 

When I first had this idea of taking some of my photos and turning them into greeting cards to help a little girl I met in Cuba, I joked with a good friend “Hey, and if nobody buys these, I will have a life-time supply!”  And I was just fine with that. I enjoy writing and sending hand-written cards to people whom matter to me. But something happened along the way. This little seed of faith grew. I believed. I printed the photos in larger sizes and framed a few.

I sold my very first framed print without even trying. Over two years ago I participated in a very small and informal art display at the Linwood YMCA with a handful of other local artists. I didn’t feel ready for it, but put 5 framed prints together. An hour before the event I created a flyer and had it printed with another one of my images not on display. During the evening a woman stood looking at my display. I walked over and asked what she thought. She said: “The photos are so authentic.” She asked if I sold my work in a gallery. I told her I just sold direct at this time (it’s true!). She purchased a framed print! She bought the image on the flyer- “Electric Pole Crosses”. This image – my first one sold- has turned out to be one of my best sellers. You have to faith it!

“Electric Pole Crosses” is one of my favorites for many reasons. First, I was lost on back rural Kansas roads when I saw this pattern. It is also one of my first “everyday” crosses found – the formed in the unformed. It’s a statement of my life – like the great song, I was lost, but now I’m found.  And I think the photo represents faith on many levels- the cross on our road, right by our side, a constant, never ceasing, on and on. It is our life road of faith.

When doubts rise up, lean into your faith and tell yourself:

I will LIVE my inspiration!

BREATHE in faith!

Be ALIVE in your faith! The Everyday Cross Series, formed in the unformed: Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.

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