I’ve learned Faith is an action. Have Faith. Find Faith. Walk by Faith. Hold onto Faith. Keep the Faith. Follow Faith. Step into Faith….Faith IS movement. It’s actively engaging our belief and trust in a higher power.

Faith is not passive. It’s not just being. Faith is a belief and it takes exercise for “spiritual fitness.” It’s turning towards, turning in, dedicating time, and dedicating yourself. Your…self.

It’s performance. It takes repeated exercise to develop, fine-tune, tone, shape, maintain- like we do for our body. It is the movement to bring out our faith energy.

Last week I heard Rick Warren use the term “spiritual fitness” and I like it. It “fits.” The daily dedication to grow stronger in faith. It starts small and grows. It doesn’t happen without practice. Having faith is a verb, it’s action-oriented, it’s for the fitness of our soul. Get Faith Fit! Get spiritually fit! Faith is action.

To help my spiritual fitness I like to listen to Rick Warren, author of Purpose Drive Life, while I exercise. Taking advantage of this time allows me to learn and focusing on the content, I take notes in my phone app. Getting fit – in the mind, body and spirit! What habits do you practice for spiritual fitness?

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