The power of the sun to transform. The power from above to show us a new image- all it takes is the mix of nature and time. THE light source casting a different perspective for us to see. Is this His view? Is this how He sees from above?

Makes me think of our own shadow.

Is our shadow casting an image of powerful faith or pitiful faith? I’m reminded of Oprah Winfrey saying “You can’t be powerful and pitiful at the same time.”

Is there no middle ground? The Bible says there should be no lukewarm- you’re either hot or cold.

It doesn’t take a lot to swing one way or the other. What you think about matters. That’s the same with Faith. How does your inner voice speak? Does worry and anxiety overcome your ability to find peace? For me, peace comes from believing in a higher power and constantly challenging my muscle of Faith to get stronger. No, I won’t let that second of doubt linger. No, I won’t let negative self dialogue enter my mind. Yes, I will turn to prayer. I turn to Him. I look to Him. Prayer and believing brings me peace in the storms of life. I will turn to my belief that God is bigger.

What Shadow do you cast for others to see? Does He see us looking to Him? Blog: Pursuit of the Cross series: Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.

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