I’ve been called Aim, Ames, Aimsie, Aimer, Amy Sue (yes, my middle name), and four-eyes when I was younger (got glasses in 3rd grade), and I know the words to the great song ‘Aimee’ by Pure Prairie League.

This younger photo is from the 5th grade, with the then “new” advancement of the lenses changing darker shades in the sun, called “Transitions.” But in the 7th grade, coming back into science class after a fire drill outside, the teacher told me to take off my sunglasses. I said I couldn’t; they were my glasses. All the kids laughed and I was so embarrassed.

The teenager years were rough. “Transition” years. Don’t we wish we could look back and tell our younger self: “Hang on, it’s just a short season, it will get so much better.” Because we know the future photos (and contacts come and Lasik).

I think it’s like faith. And now, as an adult, when I’m in a season of “transition,” I think God looks down and tells me “Hang on, it’s just a short season, I’ve got this, it will get so much better.”

He sees; he has the future lens. So I just keep trying to develop a faith lens. When I’m in transition, I find the spiritual presence all around. We just have to look.

Like the song, “Aimee….What you want to do…I think, I can stay with you for awhile maybe longer if I do…” Yes, He is there. That’s a relationship that will lift you without even asking, because He just knows. And when you turn towards faith, it will always get so much better.

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