It’s easy to get off track. You have to keep reassessing your position and your goal. Like your own GPS – “I am here.” And asking: Where is your destination? Am I getting closer? A small shift of movement doesn’t take you completely off course, but with time, a simple 1% every day, you will be moved. So what’s your position?

Sanctification. A few months someone said this word to me in conversation. Frankly, I really didn’t understand it. I knew there was a holy connotation, but it seemed sophisticated and out of range – a distance too far for little ‘ole me to be traveling. I did an internet search to understand the word and found this:

“The generic meaning of sanctification is “the state of proper functioning.” To sanctify someone or something is to set that person or thing apart for the use intended by its designer. A pen is “sanctified” when used to write. In the theological sense, things are sanctified when they are used for the purpose God intends.”

Well….that makes it easier to understand! Further, “Sanctify, therefore, becomes a synonym for ‘trust and obey’ ” And even more simplified, faithfulness is the cornerstone of sanctification. And that doesn’t seem too far a distance to travel!

So what do you do when you find yourself moved? You reposition! Redirect your thoughts, redirect your time, and refocus in prayer. And sometimes you have to get out and walk…to move in your faith!  It’s not just random motion, it’s purposeful planning to bring progress.

I saw these beautiful crosses in a field this month and wanted to capture a bit of the beauty. A roadside photo would not do. I parked on a nearby street and walked into the field: it takes movement to get closer to your target. And I was able to see more. Move…according to the plan set inside of you. Designed to encourage others to seek and see faith in everyday life.

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