“Thank You for Saying Yes.” These are the words the pastor said to me as I sat graveside following Jean’s service last June. He said he visited her many times when she still lived in her house and she spoke fondly of me and she loved me. We met- 22 years ago at my first job out of college in Springfield, Missouri. And we stuck. She didn’t have any children, never married, her sister passed 23 years prior. At age 89, Jean had a community of long-time friends who helped her and I got to know them too. A circle of Unity.

“Thank you for saying Yes.” Sometimes we step up in life, right? Did I hear a higher power speaking me to do so?  I was compelled. It was for me to do. And I loved taking care of my sweet Jean, even towards the end, moving her from memory care and into the nursing home. It was…for Me to Do.

My sweet Jean didn’t leave me money. I share this point because I believe it makes our relationship of 22 years all the more powerful…to me, it stands for the simplicity of Love. Love is in the Doing. She was close to running out of money…but, she didn’t and was able to leave an amount to her 40-year church home. As Jean had replied two years prior, answering my question of what her life advice would be, without hesitation said: “Trust in the Lord, he will take care of you.” He sure did. He knew all along. It was…for ME…to DO. What Jean left me, gave me, is priceless.

Caring for Jean, being her medical power of attorney that last year, loving Jean, coordinating her funeral and giving her eulogy is something that brings me great pride. All the more so as most of my 44 years of life I’ve been selfish and outside of work, I did not pour into others.  It Was for Me…to Do.

And I have much more to Do. What is it in life that is for You to Do?

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