For your love of books or Bible study. I think this is a beautiful photo. Prior to two years ago, I never considered reading the Bible. As in read it…like a book. Not just for reference, or a passing idea. And now I can’t not think of it as part of my day, part of my life.

I started reading the Bible 2 years ago because I was searching and seeking. My spirit and soul was in need. I was down, I was really struggling with where I was in life. Around this same time the words that bubbled up inside of me were Live. Breathe. Alive. And I found them in this book. I found it through taking photos of crosses. Live.

To fortify my faith, I start my day with reading scripture. I make it a priority before leaving for the day. I get up extra early to make sure I have time to read and turn towards. This sort of dedication has helped me in down times, struggles, challenges, and loss- my faith is my comfort. I get it now…The Comforter. Breathe.

A small habit turned into something big in my life. I wish I would have found this personal relationship with faith sooner in life. But that’s the great thing…we can start any time. There is always time. He is good all the time and at any time.

This daily practice helps me stay true. To stay true to my faith. To maintain my faith. To deepen my faith.  And stay true to me…to becoming a great woman of faith. The turning towards in the morning frames my day and keeps helps keep me above. Alive.

How do you fortify your faith? Blog: Pursuit of the Cross series: Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.

Photo:  Bible Study card, available in Shop.

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