“Oh my darling, but what if you fly!”

As I’m working on finishing a big step towards a big goal, a transforming extension of my passion cross project, a quick thought popped in my head: “Amy, what if this is nothing.”

And then, immediately my inner champion chimed in and said: “Oh darling, but what if this is something!” And, the thing is, I believe. Faith.

The devil of doubt is sneaky. Keep good stuff going into your ears and eyes (the mind) so those positive words can speak back when the devil starts chirping.

A year ago I saw this quote by Erin Hanson, “Oh darling, but what if you fly.” on Instagram and it stuck with me.

I posted the above text on Instagram recently. After reading it, a fellow faith follower and found friend was compelled to paint me one of her trees, with the quote included. Isn’t it cool how we can find, connect and make a faith impact in a technical and non-personal form of communication. 

“Courage, dear heart.” 

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