I’ve learned that what starts small can grow big. An idea, a passion, or a little bit of faith. As you lean into, spending your time, your effort- mental and physical, your energy, it grows. Like watering the mustard seed. All it takes is a little bit every day.

I had a pretty neat thing happen to me recently. Following the belief of “Knock, ask, seek,” I did.

I asked a pastor at a church I have attended a handful of times over a span of eighteen months if he would meet with me so I could share a passion project God placed in my heart. He accepted. We met last fall and he took time to hear my journey and what I was trying to do to get more crosses in the world. I asked if I could speak to one of their small groups. He was receptive and appreciative of my work with the cross and said he would think about it. Several weeks later he emails saying my project sparked an idea for a sermon series on symbols- the meaning then and now. He would like to have a sermon on the Cross featuring my work and interviewing me. Cool!

I asked to share with a small group. He came back with speaking and sharing my crosses at two sermons!  Around 200 people! It reminds me of a recent saying I heard from Craig Groeschel, “If God met all your expectations, he wouldn’t have an opportunity to exceed them.” Yes!

Faith in Action. I don’t know all the how’s, but I keep going. Forward momentum. Faith and perseverance for an entrepreneurial passion project. It takes consistent action to live the beat in your heart.

To hear the sermon interview about my work with the cross you can listen to the audio recording here titled “Searching for the Truth: The Cross” (Rev. Trevor Dancer, 1/21/18), scroll to select.

Like I heard author, speaker, entrepreneur Marquita Miller say in passing to me 3 years ago, “If not now, when?” Those words stuck in me. Yes. When? Take the step now.

So I say to you- what is your showing of faith? Follow what’s in you. Take action to live the beat in your heart. Step up to the call. If not now, when? LIVE your Faith! BREATHE in Faith! Be ALIVE in Your Inspiration!

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