I spotted this cross while watching a video recently. The cross appeared for just a few seconds and the image registered instantly. I had to collect it. The scene was in a horse stall….the beauty of the sunlight streaming in- a cross formed bringing light into the darkness.

It made me think: What burdens are we straddled with? Holding on, biting us in the teeth instead of dropping off our heavy load at the cross?

For me, I have struggled with being ALL of ME. Not living separate lives and compartmentalized. I think this started when in high school I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis- an embarrassing and often painful auto-immune disease with no known cure. I kept it hidden. I didn’t want people to know. And my career in HR people told me about their issues and needs; I didn’t share my personal life in order to remain unbiased. Making peace with past behavior that didn’t represent who I AM. I was lost. I beat myself up for it. And I let others silence my voice. Let it all go. Step into the light. 

Faith is a pretty marvelous way of healing from these everyday Crosses we bear. You just step into the light. Oh sure, you say, “Let go and Let God.” But with faith, it is the equivalent. Like this cross image – faith is a beacon. A light to shine ON and IN our darkness. Redeeming grace. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”

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