This image was the start to my idea. I liked this photo and showed it to a good friend who commented: “I really like that.”  I said “I really do too.” Somewhere between faith and prayer, an idea came to me. Do something with these photos. March of 2016 I reached out to this same friend, a woman who has an art background and is a masterful designer. I asked, “Can I come over and show you some photos and get your feedback?” Yes. She is someone who would tell me – thumbs up or no go.

We met the following weekend, on Saturday, March 3, 2016. I printed off some of my cross photos, took my little iPad mini, and showed her. Yes, she liked them! Some she loved! Cool! And the photo project took form. That early support from her design eye was a huge boost providing some validation.

Don’t underestimate the power of a few people to help push you along on the road…the road of your idea, your dream, your passion. Not everyone will see your vision. Or buy into your idea. And that is ok. You have YOU. And God has a pretty marvelous way of providing encouragement too.

When I first started to test a few photos, I went to a local printer. The owner of the print shop was a photography teacher and also judged photo competitions. He commented that my photos were better than most he sees in competitions. Really? Cool! Those words gave me encouragement. Several months later when I had just a little box of my photos turned into greeting cards I met with a friend at an outdoor cafe. Sharing my passion project and with this Crossing the Road photo visible, a pedestrian walking by, stopped and asked where did I get this card? Wow! Oh, the power from above. Ok, I’ll keep going.

There will be times when you are the lone voice. Being an entrepreneur is very much a game of the Self. Do you believe in your idea? Do you believe in yourself? And when you are frustrated, what do you do? You have to turn within. Trust.And hold onto those little signs of encouragement from above. It’s in YOU. It’s your idea, so what are You going to do?

It just takes an idea. And dedication to work it. Stay true to what is in your heart!

LIVE your inspiration! BREATHE in Faith! Be ALIVE in your inspiration! – Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.

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