I see you. Seared into the concrete road, cut on the sides like many of us can feel in life. Crumbed bits of fallen leaves trace a side of you. And your cross image appears.

The cross formation coming together by lines that didn’t start for you. But you came through anyway. It is of you, from you. You show that through the pieces, bits, cuts, scraps, and the scars- the stuff that can bite, sting and leave a lasting wound- you show up. Like faith, we can start at any time; it is fine if we didn’t begin with it, we can always turn towards and be formed.

This Cross image. It shows strength. It shows presence. It shows resilience. You can’t be wiped away, it says I AM here. Like life -we make it what we see. You can see just the cuts in a road or you can see a cross which stands for hope, life, transformation, and so much more.

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