Do you ever wonder what you are missing, not seeing, or overlooking?  Things right in front of you? I do. This week is the first time I noticed these crosses.

I’ve used these steps in my walk route for four years…4 years. For 2 years I’ve been very aware of seeing the unformed cross, but this one…right under my feet!

I expect to see crosses formed in the non-traditional way, but sometimes I am surprised by where I find them. A cross…right there on the steps I’ve crossed so many times. I just had to notice. I just had to “see” it. And I had to “know” it in order to “see” it. A statement of life. What else do we overlook in our daily walk…in our daily rush…in our day?

Be ALIVE in your faith! Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.

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