I had bike religion before I found my own personal faith. Cycling was my passion. A friend called it obsession. A fine line, yes?

I see now how my love of nature and being  outside, riding open roads, passing the miles with views of pastures, breathing in the seasons was a form of worship. The discipline to train, get better on hills, speed drills, endurance, breathing, core, recovery, nutrition… Always something to improve with a learning mind.

The same is true for spiritual disciplines and having a learning mind for faith. Both are positive. Focused on the “Up.” The Movement forward.

The “Up, up” of the clipped-in pedal stroke I’d so often say to myself.

The “LOOKING UP” to a higher power. Our inner self-talk matters in all aspects of the mind.

In cycling, you don’t pedal backwards. Spinning back on a road bike gets you nowhere; there is ONLY momentum forward, or you will fall.

In faith, we learn to focus on the “new things,” not the old. Not the miles behind, but what’s ahead.

A learning mind to believe in the basic principles of faith takes discipline.

• Daily habits.

• Daily good self-talk.

• Daily positive thoughts on going forward.

Up, up! Keep looking UP! Rise UP!

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