Where you start is called the beginning because that little mustard seed of faith grows. It weaves, meanders, stumbles, dances, and transforms all along the doing. Stepping out is an aspect of faith I’ve learned.

For me, I started with an idea to help a little girl in Cuba. But how? I didn’t have anything to sell. Hmm. While I was thinking about it I started reading the Bible and was compelled to take photos of crosses. Four months later it came to me- take some of your photos and turn them into greeting cards. That was my beginning. But to even produce a card, I had to figure sooooo many things out.

I realize now that in order to step out, you first need courage. I could still be looking at my photos on my iPhone and wondering what might happen if…. I wouldn’t know the joyful feeling to have people purchase your photography to place in their personal space and be so excited for it. I wouldn’t have had a gallery show or spoke in churches.

The beginning point of a card turned into 8×10” framed prints to then 11×14” to then 16×20”….the card turned into journals, and small frames, and care packages to the little girl in Cuba. The card turned into me finding everyday crosses. The card turned into me finding my purpose.

Beginning faith is the start and along the way you have to keep the courage, growing your faith. When I was in the early stages of this passion project, a friend said to me “It’s just a card, why don’t you spend time on something that can earn you so much more money. Wait until you make your money, then do your card.”

No, it’s not ‘just a card.’ The “card” is IN me and I kept having an inner nudger to Do it, Follow it. NOT doing wasn’t authentic to who I was. That is the mustard seed of faith – it grows!

It just took step one…with the courage to have faith, and Do. After step 1,2,3, brings you to 4,5,6 and then hundreds more, but you have to start. Keep that voice inside you ALIVE. Listen to the nudge. Stay true to what’s in You. LIVE your inspiration! BREATHE in faith!

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