And the clouds say…

“I’m opening a way.”

I’ve passed this church for many years but never stopped to take a photo. It wasn’t the right timing. The sky wasn’t there. A cloudy day, just a blue sky — no, it’s not there yet.

Patience and timing.

A simple analogy really. Prepare. Know. And be ready. Because those cloud formations shift, and if you don’t take the shot now, it may not be there later. Sometimes the clouds dance above for hours, providing ample opportunity. But most days the changing sky-scape moves quickly, giving only minutes. Passing seconds change the look. 

And the clouds say…

See it. Know it. And take the opening.

In life, that IS the challenge. When to pause and be patience. And when to step up and take it! 

I hear the clouds say “I’m opening a way. See the abundance in Me.”

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