One year before she passed, my grandmother by blood moved from a space she lived for 72 years- 59 years with grandpa and 13 years on her own after he passed. Seventy-two years in the same house. 72 years.Visiting her several times before she moved she said she will miss being on the farm sharing “it’s so peaceful.” Yes, it is.  What you hear is quiet.  It is the whisper of nature.  In our busy and noisy lives, how many of us know the sound of peaceful? Spending time out on the farm you know it instantly.

Makes me think of a NYT article I read several years ago titled “The Joy of Quiet” with a move toward hotels up-charging for no TV/no electronics—the focus being in nature and quiet instead of technology and being “plugged in”- slowing down and finding space to think. The farm, and nature in general, is a place to escape the noise of the world. There is a spiritual element in nature that brings an inward peace.

My grandmother spent 72 years on the farm surrounded by nature. How many times had she taken a walk to the pond? How many times had she looked out the same farmhouse kitchen window, standing guard, watching grandpa come in on the tractor, morning time, dinner time, washing dishes? Seeing the landscape change with the seasons. Peaceful.  For 72 years. 864 months. 26,280 days.

Where do you go to hear the Joy of Quiet?  Where is your peaceful?

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