Last week I took a vacation with my family-mom, dad, sister and her family. The small Bretall crew. A first as adults for us to go away together.

It doesn’t have to be in the form of “vacation,” it is just spending time together. The action being the taking of the time.  Claiming it. Seizing it. Not letting it pass away.  No rush, no need to do anything, just enjoying the presence of those you love. And letting time together seep in.

My sweet Jean helped me realize the value of taking time. After she passed last year I remembered occasions over the years when I would visit her. After spending several hours together, instead of accepting her invitation to come inside for awhile or stay awhile longer, I felt the need to return to KC and get prepped for the week ahead. Stuff to do. Work. 3 hour drive ahead. Rush. The Do-ing.

Maybe others just get it naturally. For me, it took caring for an 89-year old loved one in declining health to bring a greater shift in perspective. And giving 2 eulogies in 4 months last year brought a deeper level of awareness of the missing of time and value of taking the time. Simply slowing down and enjoying time – the Be-ing.  The mental perspective is mellowed.

So we learn. And so I’ve tried to slow down over the last few years. Realizing time, seeing first-hand how the years of age moves along with speed and without notice, until you look. Do you see it? Have you taken the time to look?

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