“Oh now, you just shut-up.” says my sweet Jean to me. Prior to her dementia and last year of life, I surprised Jean in the hospital in Springfield after yet another UTI. I had to go and be there.

As I was getting ready to drive back to KC, she wanted to buy me lunch. While fishing in her purse for cash, I told her she doesn’t need to do that.

She says with a smile and focus, “Now, you just shut-up.”  I received her words as intended – a term of endearment. 

Jean never spoke harshly; it wasn’t in her nature to speak badly to or about anyone. Jean could deliver the words of “shut-up” and I knew it expressly as love. I graciously accepted the $10.00. I smiled this week as I thought of Jean saying this to me in a loving way.

Isn’t it joyful how we can have surprises of memory and receive love when you least expect it?

Remembering who we love brings a closeness to the person when you can’t have them in person. I now know the action of love, and receiving of love, doesn’t end in death – it’s a continuum of our lifecycle. Love continues. Love lives in our hearts and soul.

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