Stopping in a small rural town last October I spotted this steeple cross from the road and had to get closer.

As I was sitting in my car observing I noticed a “blanket” of clouds approaching in the distance. I got out to explore and see what they looked like from another angle. A little patience for the clouds to near. The peaceful wave of clouds rolled in, like a sheet covering the sky. It was a Movement. Watching nature form is a gift of inspiration.

On set-up, the sky and clouds didn’t look like much in the distance, but something unique was forming. Something coming my way. And with just a little time and patience, the scene turned into my own symphony in the sky.

It makes me think of what we may give up on too soon. Not waiting for the clouds to come, not seeing the formation, or not persevering to the outcome. The times I haven’t been patience, what did I miss? Sometimes in the mundane, you don’t know your going to see the magnificent. Not all scenes are works of art, so we might not wait for all the pieces to harmonize or persevere to the end.

The difference, I think, is Faith. Faith in what has been orchestrated in you.

Faith in what has been given for you to play out – your natural rhythm. Do you know what it is? These clouds are a reminder of Faith to not give up believing – on yourself and the mighty movement above. Blog: Pursuit of the Cross series: Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.

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