Talking with a good friend last year I shared my reading of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life book. She told me she read it a handful of years ago. Really? We used to work together and would share books we were reading, but this one was not mentioned. In fact, we never discussed faith. I never talked about it. And I realized that I could not have talked about it because it wasn’t a priority. And now, I can’t not talk about it. It- faith- wasn’t alive in me before to share in this way.

I think this is like many things in life…what we don’t see that is there for us. If we open ourselves. If we open ourselves to faith. To let in the light. Like the cross, I didn’t see it before. Then when I was open, I saw it all around me. Places I’d traveled by so many times but I never looked. Last February driving on a street I’ve gone by so many times, but this time I paused and saw something- I noticed a cross on the roof. I stopped to take a few photos. And then I walked around the church building and was amazed to see three crosses- perched on the roof like little beacons in the sky. Just waiting for me to see. For us to see.

As the Amazing Grace song says “was blind but now I see.” What things are you now seeing? What are you open to seeing?

Keep the Cross Alive.

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