Last March, talking to my 89 year old sweet Jean, I told her I learned a new word…Paraclete. I said she probably knew it, but it was new to me. She said it sounded familiar, but couldn’t recall it. So I reviewed a little of what I just learned: “Paraclete is a counselor. An advocate, to strengthen us, comfort us, to never leave us. The Holy Spirit compels you forward with strength, even when you don’t know how. You press on and find peace by loving one another. You abide in his love.” After sharing this with Jean, she asks: “Is it a bug?”

Parasite. Paraclete. It’s close. Towards the end sometimes Jean wasn’t able to hear through the dementia. Her mind stuck on the word, not hearing me, and searched to connect it to parasite. Is it a bug? I think it’s a cute story and makes me smile. But Jean knew.

Jean sung in the choir, went to Sunday School, made jellies and jams for all the church bazaars, and was the kindest, nicest, sweetest woman you could meet. Last year, when I told her I was reading the Bible for the first time, she said she had never read it. But…the Bible was in Jean. Jean knew God. Jean was a great woman of faith. When I asked her this question three years ago “Jean, in all your years, what advice do you have for me?” Without hesitation she says, “Trust in the Lord. He’ll take care of you.” Jean said this without thinking…because she knew. Jean found strength in her faith. Jean was abiding in love. Jean was love.

Do you know Paraclete? Do you have an advocate to comfort, to strengthen and to help you press on in love?

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

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