Have you ever known when something was made for you? It’s there waiting. For You. The timing could be years building or in an instant. It’s for you to see it, grasp it, and take it.

Makes me think of an image of a paraglider, you catch the flight ride, jumping on right when it has air and glide out over the beautiful expanse of a bird’s view. Freedom, as Nina Simone, sings about: “How sweet it would be if I found I could fly…”

It is liberating to know when something is made for you.

The knowing is the first step. Taking the action is next. Then staying true, being persistent and faithful, as a steward, to what was made for you, in talents, abilities, people and ideas.  And there are good opportunities and great opportunities.  It is up to us to not get distracted by the good, so we can catch our great ones.

The dress Jean’s sister made is a statement of timing. It Was made for me. Made 30 years ago, never worn, just 2 snaps on the top remained. Made by my sweet Jean’s sister, Lorene, whom I never met, but I feel a connection to. After Lorene passed, Jean came back to work part-time. This is where I met her at my first job out of college in 1995. Events to happen to bring Jean and I together. There are no coincidences.

  • With Jean – The Knowing. There was something, my heart was just geared to her. She was never married and had no children. The power of knowing and accepting.  Seeing this as a great opportunity.
  • The Action– I think I asked Jean one time to do something on a Saturday and that turned into a tradition, going to flea markets, eating lunch out or at her place (she made the best salads from her garden veggies).
  • Staying True– When I moved to KC in 2000 our relationship could have broke. But I kept calling, seeing her when I’d visit Springfield and she would join for family holidays. My parents welcomed Jean and Jean always loved on my mom’s great cooking.

Jean was one of those great opportunities. I think of her and the blessings I continue to receive. She inspires me. I started writing about her 2 years ago during her declining health. And I feel like I came out as the one more blessed. She passed one year ago and I receive – by remembering her, loving her, learning, reflecting and writing about her. She is still with me. Our relationship was made for us.

So, the dress. I see now it was made FOR me. Both Lorene and I being called to take an action.  Sometimes you just don’t know who you will touch.

If you missed it, you can read about the dress I refer to here: One of A Kind Making.

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