Interview with Michelle Robin with Small Changes, Big Shifts & Your Wellness Connection.

Recently I had the pleasure of an interview with well-being champion Dr. Michelle Robin on her Rhythm & Resilience podcast series. Sharing a few thoughts for hope and healing in the context of faith. Watch the full video above!

Sharing a few things I’ve learned about faith to include:

How God blends people in our life.

Having courage to listen to the beat in your heart. The beat of faith.

Turning to faith in our relationships – knowing what has been done in the past to have confidence in the future. Turning to faith in nature, your community and faith in the everyday.

• Do you have a “Sweet Jean,” or somebody like a Jean, in your life?

And to put an exclamation on my point, and mission of finding faith in the everyday, a listener pointed out the cross in doors behind me!

• Keeping a focus of gratitude.

Hope you find some inspiration!

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