The simplicity of the Cross is beautiful. I think it is the perfect uplift. What does someone see in a cross? I think it stands for hope, renewal, strength, restoration, overcoming, love…it is a beacon of Life. It is what my January 2016 words of “Live. Breathe. Alive.” found.

The beat in my heart is “Keep the Cross Alive.”  But how?  I started taking photos of crosses last year. I was compelled.  Last February I looked for a card of a cross to send my cousin but couldn’t find one. Fluffy with lace, glitter, or pastel colored…no. I wanted real. The idea came together with a prior goal I had of how could I raise money to help a little girl I met in Cuba. I’d been trying to figure out what I could sell. Five months later the idea came: “Amy, turn your photos into greeting cards.”  I’ve been working on this little creative project for over a year. And now I am selling my photos in greeting cards and framed prints. All are original photos I’ve taken from inner city spots, to rural roads, Cuba, and all around. For me, these photos celebrate life. Live. Breathe. Alive.

What does the cross symbolize to you?

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