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Amy Bretall knows the power of finding faith.

It all starts with faith. Whether it’s having faith your idea, your community, team, group, and, most importantly, in a higher power. It takes a mindset of faith, a “faith-set,” to keep going.

With a professional and successful background in corporate America, holding senior-level leadership Human Resources business positions for 25 years, Amy Bretall knows first-hand the transforming power of faith. To stepping out on faith with an initial idea to do something “more” with her photography of crosses and then writing about faith, she shares her insights and personal experience to help others find faith in the everyday, how God communicates with us through our EYES and how to step out and follow faith.

Speaking to business groups, faith-based organizations and community/church groups, Amy shares how she found her faith in a non-traditional way, deepened her personal relationship with God, to then depend on it to guide her life and business decisions.

Through a visual story-telling of unique and stunning photography, Amy takes you behind the scenes of her inspiring journey of becoming aware of Everyday Crosses, the messages received, and how she applied them within her challenging life circumstances. She shares how taking small steps of faith she developed her faith relationship in order to depend on it for life & business decisions.

Amy will change the way you see and think about faith in the world around you. Amy brings energy and excitement and will inspire audiences to step out on faith, follow your signs and nuggets to live a life of faith. Through a lens of faith, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Speaking Testimonials

Inspiring to all

“We were so happy Amy spoke at our luncheon. Sharing her faith journey and how she was prompted by God to publish two books was inspiring to all. Women shared they could have listened to her story for another hour. Amy has a gift for holding everyone’s attention.

Carol Parker, Organizer, UMW, annual women’s event

Challenged Us to Rethink

“Amy was able to challenge us to rethink our understanding of the cross. The symbol of our faith, is not only contained in specific places designated for faith, but experienced and present in obscure and easily overlooked spots. The passion she brings to the topic is palpable and contagious. She sparked conversation within our church and helped open our eyes to see the cross wherever we go. She was a delight and an inspiration and will be wherever she goes.”

-Rev. Trevor Dancer, Lead Pastor, First United Methodist Church

Impactful Message

“In our devotional time yesterday we were talking about when you don’t see God working and one of the team members talked about how impactful your time with us was and how she is constantly seeing crosses now and is reminded that God is always there even when we don’t see or feel Him! Thanks again for sharing with our team!”

-Beth Graves, Employee Dev. Director, Lifewater International, Non-profit

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Photography Art + Entrepreneur

Founder of Live Breathe Alive

While deepening her personal faith relationship, in 2016 Amy was compelled to take photos of crosses. She then began writing what she saw as the spiritual message, combined with her faith insights and in 2017 started Live Breathe Alive as a blog. Over the years, what started as one idea kept growing as she took steps of faith. Eight years later, Live Breathe Alive offers modern Christian inspirational prints, books and lifestyle items with Amy’s cross artwork and writing to help people find faith in the everyday. Amy Bretall is an author, photographer, entrepreneur, and speaker, using each of these platforms to focus eyes on what’s most important in life.

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