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Amy Bretall turns the focus on finding faith in the everyday.

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Amy’s photography collections have been recognized and featured in multiple venues, including an expansive 4-page spread in a statewide publication and solo exhibitions as a featured artist.

Combining her inspirational photos and writing style into devotional books, Amy Bretall turns the focus on finding faith in our everyday. Her Christian books illustrate a nontraditional path to helping people find faith in ordinary surroundings.
“Amy’s writing matches her visual style; authentic and inspirational.”
– Michael T., Pastor

Beautiful imagery with grounded natural messages of faith.

Faith-based Speaker

Do you recognize what’s on your path?

I started seeing faith through signs and nuggets that were literally on my usual walking paths and took a photo to remember the significance, with no intent to do anything with the photos. But when you start taking steps of faith, it evolves and grows into more. Turning a few of the cross photos into greeting cards, then framed prints, which brought me to gallery shows, and then the photo books. I had been writing about faith along the way. Compelled to do more, without knowing why, I kept taking steps of faith. Telling God I would obey and create the book In Plain Sight, then I’d be done. But, I wasn’t. That’s a cool part about faith —doing without knowing the end point. I speak from a non-traditional path of faith, finding a deeper level of faith through ordinary moments where I saw signs, leading me to follow faith, to help others find the transforming power of faith and apply it in their life.

Express Faith In Your Space

Turning mundane moments into spiritual experiences. Buy individual prints or save when you order in sets of 3 of the 5’x7″.
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