Pretty good for a girl who had a speech impediment (speaking review in quotations below). I had a hard time pronouncing -sch, -ch, r and w sounds. The ‘r’ sound was especially hard for my mouth to form. At home, starting when I was around 2, mom made me several workbooks, cutting out photos from the children’s magazine Electric Company. Carrot. Rabbit. Horse. 

In Kindergarten I went to a clinic for some extra work. In second grade during regular class Jackie and I were excused to spend an hour working with a speech therapist pronouncing words. I remember the many unique sizes of manilla envelopes from which batches of flashcards flowed. Annunciation—the role of repetition.

“Inspiring to all. Amy Bretall has a gift for holding everyone’s attention. Attendees shared they could have listened to her story for another hour.”

This speaking review is from an annual woman’s church event, a group of mature 65 women of faith. I shared my story of how I started seeing everyday crosses, depending on my faith to create and publish a book of cross photos and writings, once, then twice. I shared the “behind-the-scene” stories for some of the everyday crosses and also spoke about overcoming doubt in all phases and the tests of faith encountered along the way. They said they needed an Amy II session! I’m ready! 

When you step out in faith, just plan on it, the Devil of Doubt and tests will come. Tests for your mindset, tests for your time and most certainly, tests of your will. A new view of faith (in photos) for most, but it’s the same tried and true biblical principles that bring obedience. Be alert–I’ve found the Devil has a role of repetition too. When I was working on my second book, The Devil used his same tactic as when I was working on my first one. He did just enough to bring me pause and question the validity of all the signs that God had been showing me. But it didn’t work.

Faith is in the everyday. Not tomorrow. Not just on Sunday when you may be in church. It’s not faith yesterday when it was a better, maybe easier, day. Guarding your heart and protecting your spiritual mindset takes every day. Every single day becomes everyday. 


Helping people find faith in the everyday.

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