“Rest brings restoration.” Words given to me by my Father.

Have you ever received a few words that bring an immediate change in perspective? These did for me. In the summer of 2007, after a cycling accident brought many weeks of forced downtime from my active lifestyle, my patience was tested. I asked my Dad for some words.  Without hesitation he said: “Rest brings restoration.” Just. Like. That.

These three little words soothed. They calmed my impatience. These words transformed the time of waiting into a greater purpose. Not just one of repair, but something more, a deeper healing … Renewed, restored, regenerated, revitalized.

“Rest brings restoration.” – Bill Bretall

My father’s words gave me an immediate shift in perspective — a move to understanding you can’t rush the healing on your time table. Wait and it will be given.  A bigger movement. Like a broken bone, it is stronger when healed. Fused in strength. When we are broken, it’s our mindset that makes the difference to bring us to a place of strength.

So, no more was I rushing time. Dad’s words allowed me to see something bigger. Rest Brings Restoration. All in three words.

The little things in life are big.

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