One year ago today, January 22, 2016, started my focused pursuit of the cross. I was driven to find and take photos of crosses, ones I had passed many times, but never saw, in urban settings, rural roads, churches -I looked for crosses every day and took photos. And I saw them all around me.

On February 22, 2016, driving back from visiting my cousin in Littleton, CO, I stopped at a church in Russell, KS and Pastor Wedel “just happened” to be there. Asking if I could take a photo of the sanctuary cross, he gave me a tour. I shared my compulsion to take photos of crosses, it had been one month, and I wasn’t sure why I was so compelled to take the photos. The pastor replied “many think the cross is about death, but the cross is a symbol of Life…an upside down old-time key to God…the narrow gate.”  Ah ha… the Cross is Life.

On my remaining drive to KC, I reflected on this meeting with the pastor and the why behind my taking of cross photos. And then it came to me…I realized the 3 words in my heart and soul just weeks before… Live, Breathe, Alive.  One year later, I am still taking photos of crosses.

How are you finding the cross in your daily life?

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