My Sweet Jean. Keeping you Close. 

I wear your long amber beaded necklace, over a hundred years old that your mother gave you. I wear your gold hoop earrings. And I wear your soft plaid scarf. Daily, I find things of yours to keep you close.  Going about my day, I paused at the framed photo of us that sits on the table and I saw you – your smiling face. Me seeing you – you looking at me as only a photo can do.  I realized it has been 7 months to the day that you passed. It’s these times – the miss so strong, but the gratitude so big. Reminds me of the old children song: “Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.”  Deep and wide of missing and loving. The love deep from knowing you 22 years, the love wide from the universe bringing us together and what I get to keep receiving from you.  A connection that bridged our 45-year age difference. Deep and wide is time that keeps flowing. Even in death, there is life.  I am keeping you close. I am keeping your spirit Alive.

I think this deep and wide concept brings a responsibility to learn from the generations gone before us and to find clues from their life – their actions, values, behaviors. I am a seeker of knowledge – the told and untold. I stand a little taller and sit up a little straighter when I think about my sweet Jean and how she lived.  And I want to make her proud.

How can we deepen our understanding for what the generation before shares? How can we widen our perspective to what that means for us now?

“Live. Breathe. Alive.” blog. Here I will share posts about life, love, and what I am learning to help others. Sharing and using the voice I have to help.

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