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Grow your faith in the everyday

In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday

Over 50 unique, original color photos of everyday crosses to help you discover the power and grow your faith in the everyday surroundings. Paired with inspirational messages of hope, faith and love.

Amy sees beauty in the often overlooked and forgotten, reminding us of a higher power, specifically the presence of God.

Available in hardcover and soft.

Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds
Crosses and clouds. Powerful prose. Sublime color images. Gain a deeper relationship with God through a graceful blend of divine imagery and heartfelt words of devotion.

Through a filter of crosses and clouds, Sights of Faith takes readers on a visually-stunning journey of contemplation and self-discovery.

Available in hardcover and soft.

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Why Are Coffee Table Books a Thing?

“Perhaps part of the reason why coffee table books continue to appeal to us is that their contents often awaken the emotion of awe. They’re often full of stunning and impressive imagery, so it’s no mystery why awe feels good to us. There are all sorts of positive social repercussions from feeling awe, like having positive feelings toward others, inspiring curiosity, improving our cognitive performance, or encouraging a more creative solution.”

– Architecture Digest

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