In Plain SIGHT 
A blend of photography & devotional

Finding Faith In
The Everyday life

About The Book

Looking for unique Christian gifts? Amy Bretall’s book called In Plain Sight captures mundane-made holy scenes. Over 50 unique color photographs of “everyday” crosses, paired with inspiring messages of hope, faith and love, to help you discover the power and see faith in your everyday life.

In Plain Sight reveals symbols of faith found in everyday surroundings. Through original photography and inspirational messages, Amy Bretall shares a nontraditional path to faith and how it transforms lives.

  • Take a journey of faith, on a non-traditional path, to develop and deepen your faith.
  • See a new perspective of the presence of God in your everyday life.
  • Experience the art of faith with over 50 unique color photos of “everyday” unformed crosses with inspiring messages of faith, hope, and belief.
  • Ideal for small groups, book clubs, and devotional.

In her early 40’s Amy experienced personal struggles that took her to a low point in her life. With a focus on prayer and also reading the Bible, as Amy started took steps of faith she started seeing images of “everyday” crosses, often in the most unlikely places. These unformed symbols of faith were her spiritual nudge to keep going. Amy started sharing her photos and personal insights around faith-based principles. Today, people share their photos of crosses with her from all over the world.

In Plain Sight will inspire you to see symbols of faith and acknowledge the spiritual presence in your daily activities.

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Available in soft and hardcover. Printed in full color paper.

  • 8 in. x 10 in., 102 numbered pages
  • Full color printed pages
  • Thicker paper, 70#
  • Artful design
  • Original photography with artful design layout
  • Available in soft and hardcover.
  • Hardcover has premium color printing.
  • Inspire everyone in your life with her Christian gift!

What Others Are Saying

“Speaks to your soul in a deep and uplifting way!

This book is a true treasure. It spoke to me so much that I bought a 2nd copy to gift to a friend! The imagery and stories for each one are so inspirational, and the way she brings it around to everyday behaviors is truly enlightening. This book is wonderfully written, easy to read and understand, and spiritually uplifting. Buy one for yourself and one for anyone you know that can use a little sunshine in their lives!”

– Sundi S.

Amy’s writing matches her visional style; authentic and inspirational.”

– Michael T.

“Refreshing perspective!

We got Amy’s book and couldn’t put it down. Well, we put it down only to keep picking it back up again – and again – and again. We enjoyed this so much we immediately purchased another copy to give as a gift. Thanks, Amy, for following your heart and creating something beautiful to touch our hearts!”

– Steve I.

“An exceptional devotional book of imagery and inspiration!

“In Plain Sight” teaches us to see the sacred in the ordinary through Ms. Bretall’s extraordinary photos of crosses. Her thoughts accompanying the many photographs take us on her own journey of faith as she uses the images to find meaning in her life. Bretall’s inspirational words and photos will encourage the reader to look more closely at their own environment and examine their own life to discover God in plain sight.

– Shirley G.

“Beautiful & Meaningful Book!

“Gorgeous book. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but the author’s words are authentic, encouraging, and inspiring. I gave this book as a gift and it was a huge hit. Unexpected upside? I now see crosses EVERYWHERE and it makes me smile and give thanks every time.

– Lynn P.


I bought this book as a gift for my mother because I know she values thinking of her faith every day. After receiving the book, she called the photography mesmerizing and was looking forward to reading each description. If daily devotionals or seeing reminders of faith each day are something that resonate with you, this book will make you smile.

– Marie D.

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